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Construction Insurance

We have in-house admitted programs for all types of construction companies. Whether you are building a house in the suburbs, or going up 50 stories high in NYC, we have you covered.

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Elevator Contractors

Our elevator program is a fully admitted program with no height exclusions, & no hard/soft hammer clause of any kind!  The rates save up to 40% annually on insurance premiums.

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Landscapers Insurance

We have an extensive market for landscaping companies all over tri-state area.  Not only are we highly competetive with the general liability, but we also have a fantastic program for workers compensation!

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Plumbing/Heating Insurance

Plumbing and heating companies look no further than here for all of your insurance needs!  Our programs save big money, without sacrificing any coverages.

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  • Stephen Kasamis

How to keep clients happy

It is important to keep your clients happy on a daily basis. This is what helps retain business and keep people coming back to you! In my opinion, one of the most important things is helping the client realize you are working for THEM and not the insurance company. You have to be on your clients side all the way, rather than the insurance company.

Below are some ways to do so:

  • At each renewal provide them with quotes from all companies who quoted/declined

  • Look out for their best interest at all times

  • Explain to them their coverages and how they can be improved or what they maybe don't need

  • Always return phone calls / emails in a timely manner

These are all very important to keep retaining your clients. AT each renewal, not only do I give them their renewal quote, but also quotes from all of the companies willing to provide. This way it shows that you not only tried, but also that they are in a good place paying a reasonable price. This will refrain them from shopping insurance elsewhere. Remember, the client comes first!

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